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A four-member delegation from the Chinese Council for Promoting South-South Co-operation that is in the country to scout for investment opportunities yesterday met Economic Planning Minister Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare.

The team is part of a larger delegation that is expected to arrive in the country on May 19.

Ambassador Khaya Moyo said the delegation would include groups from different sectors of the Chinese economy.

He said they were keen to invest in industry, mining, infrastructure development and health.

“We are in very urgent need of foreign direct investment, having gone through a very difficult time when the West turned their backs on us and imposed the illegal sanctions following our land reform programme,” he said.

Ambassador Khaya Moyo said Zimbabwe was trying to resuscitate industries that collapsed due to sanctions-induced economic hardships. Zimbabwe and China enjoy excellent relations that date back to the days of the liberation struggle.

“When the delegation comes, a detailed programme will be mapped out so that we make it a success,” he said.

Head of delegation Mr Xie Xiaoyan said China had the capacity, desire, willingness and the policy framework to engage in such co-operation with African countries. “The reason why the council has chosen to visit Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia is because they are friendly to China and we have very close relations,” he said.

“We have substantive and extensive economic co-operation with 13 business representatives in different fields and they will have opportunities to meet Government officials and discuss co-operation with their counterparts.”

Another delegation which arrived in the country on Tuesday, the Chinese People Association for the Friendship of Foreign Countries, yesterday met Government officials from the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, where they shared ideas on infrastructure development.

Speaking after the meeting, Vice President of the Zimbabwe China Friendship Association Cde Mandi Chimene said Zimbabwe should emulate China which achieved a lot in infrastructure development.

“If we look at China, all their buildings are in one place, they don’t construct buildings utilising a lot of land,” she said.

“Zimbabwe should emulate that and construct going upwards so as to economically utilise our land for growing adequate food crops for our country. The Chinese people are hard workers. In order for us to grow as a country, we should desist from the mentality of ‘what is in it for me’ but instead, ‘what have I done for my own nation’,” said Cde Chimene.

Vice President of the Chinese People’s Association for the Friendship of Foreign Countries, Ms Lin Yi, said China had adopted vertical construction and urged Zimbabweans to consider it for the maximum utilisation of land.

Source : The Herald