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Artistes from Hillock Arts Foundation in Chinhoyi will make their debut appearance at the Cape Town Art Fair Exhibition 2014 that is scheduled to run from December 12 to 16.

The event which takes place in Waterfront will be yet another opportunity to showcase local talent, according to HAF director Raphael Jamu.

“The exhibition will feature prominent artists from South Africa and various parts of the world showcasing a wide range of contemporary art. We are proud to be part of it and, as usual, we are taking this platform as a learning curve for us as we also exhibit local talent,” he said.

He said as an art institutions that also nurture young people’s talents, the exposure was necessary in growing the local art industry.

“Our country is flooded with talented artists but because they are discouraged from taking it up from a younger age not many are practising. If they continue to be encouraged through such initiatives then it will go a long way in uplifting the industry,” he said.

The Cape Town Art Fair is one of the important events on the art and design calendar in South Africa.

The Art Fair also showcases an exhilarating diversity of work representative of the richness, promise and investment of global art.

Jamu, on the other hand, is likely to rise to the occassion as he has proved his mettle both on the local and international scene.

A creative artist who specialises in stone sculptures, 2D paintings and other disciplines, Jamu is well travelled.

Together with students from HAO, they have participated in a number of art exhibitions around the globe.

Some of these include the International Cultural Exchange in Beijing as well as others in some parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and United Kingdom.

In the competitions, Jamu competed against 50 outstanding artists from Africa, Europe and America and scooped an award after displaying his masterpiece of cultural art.

Source : The Herald