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BUHERA SOUTH MP Joseph Chinotimba has said he is the most popular lawmaker claiming that people throughout the country are requesting “me to be their local representative in Parliament”.

Chinotimba said he was overwhelmed with support and calls from all over the country with people begging him to be their representative in the House of Assembly.

In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com Chinotimba said this was so because most MPs were not visible both in the august house and in their constituencies.

“When they (MPs) are campaigning to be elected you hear them promising the electorate heaven on earth but once elected they start saying that they do not have funds to finance development projects.”

“Why didn’t you tell people the truth that you are just a church mouse, that you don’t have money and will only help them when you get money for constitutional development?” said Chinotimba.

The garrulous MP said arrogance by his colleagues was making them unpopular.

The war veteran said: “These comrades have even become so big headed they don’t remove their suits when they go back to their constituencies”.

“You even see old men and women in the villages bowing down their heads in respect of him (MP) yet it’s supposed to be vice versa why would elders honestly give you a place to sit when you are even young enough to be their grandchild?”

Last year, ZimRights caused a rumpus by recognising Chinotimba’s contributions and participation in the House of Assembly by naming him the people’s Human Rights defender of the year.

Chinotimba is one of the most vocal MPs and has challenged government to investigate corruption within his party, a scourge which he said was perpetrated by cabinet ministers.

Last year, Chinotimba donated goodies to school kids at Chinotimba Primary School in Victoria Falls, claiming the institution was named after his ancestor.

Around the same time, he adopted some pupils and bought all the beer at a local bar and donated it to present revellers.

Source : New Zimbabwe