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A 33-YEAR-OLD Chirumanzu man who tore a police officer’s trousers in an attempt to grab his privates was arraigned before the courts Wednesday on allegations of assaulting or resisting a police officer on duty.

Luckson Kunotsva of village Chivige under Headman Maramba, Chirumanzu grabbed Constable Tema Charare’s trousers and tore them while trying to seize his private organs in a bid to resist arrest.

Kunotsva who appeared before Gweru magistrate, Vimbai Makora, pleaded guilty to assaulting the cop but denied he knew he was a police officer.

The trial continues Thursday.

Prosecuting, Blessing Neta told the court that on the 11th of November 2014 Constables Charare and Yousuf Gravel approached Kunotsva at his homestead at Chivige village with a warrant of arrest.

The cops, who were in civilian attire, showed Kunotsva their ZRP identity cards and aised him that he was under arrest.

But Kunotsva allegedly punched Charare twice with a fist on the head and then wrestled with the two police officers as they tried to handcuff him.

Further allegations are that Kunotsva tore Constable’s Charare’s trousers in an attempt to grab his private parts.

He went on to bite the Charare’s middle finger, fore finger and thumb of his left hand.

The court heard that Kunotsva allegedly proceeded to his kitchen hut where he took a hoe handle and axe before charging after the fleeing cops.

Kunotsva was later arrested on the 24th November after a raid organised by the police.

The torn trousers and a medical report were produced in court as exhibits.

Source : New Zimbabwe