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Chitungwiza municipal workers yesterday went on strike demanding overdue wages and allowances that accumulated over 13 months amounting to US$13 million.

The workers thronged the head office and blocked vehicles from entering. Service delivery grounded to a halt and there was no one repairing blocked sewer pipes as well as collection of refuse.

The workers demanded that management stop threatening trade union leaders, unilateral withdrawal of agreed allowances, unilateral employees membership to PSMAS among other issues.

They wielded banners written, “(town clerk Mr George) Makunde is a devil and his management”, “13 months without salary is inhuman. We deserve to have a normal life whilst councillors and management are up to date” and “No to worker representatives theatre arts, no to selective upgrading of one individual.”

Management chickened out and did not turn up for work and only two vehicles for the chief security officer and health were parked on their lots.

Workers spokesperson, Reverend Ephraim Katsina, said they decided to demonstrate over unpaid salaries.

“This strike is lawful and we have decided to gather here conducting prayers in the morning, afternoon and evening until everything is settled and we will hold it until management heed our call,” said Rev Katsina.

He said they talked to management in a recent workers council meeting and warned them against their “wrongful” approach in dealing with their plight.

Source : The Herald