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Chivero Dam wall faces collapse if the hyacinth weed that is choking the dam and throwing water back is not removed, engineers have warned.The collapse of the dam wall would trigger a chain reaction as it would cause flooding and subsequent collapse of Darwendale and Biri Dams along the Manyame River, putting lives and property at risk.

Speaking during a tour of Manyame River by Mashonaland West Minister of State Cde Faber Chidarikire and officials from the Environmental Management Authority, Middle Manyame Sub-catchment manager engineer Munashe Mvura said the weed should be removed before the onset of the rainy season to avert danger.

“There is need to have the Civil Protection Unit come together while concerted effort is needed to remove the weed before the onset of the rains which will cause the Lake to spill, he said.

“The water will not flow thereby threatening the livelihoods of people if the dam collapses.”

Zinwa hydrologist engineer Graham Mugati said the dam was designed to allow continuous flow of water without any impediments.

“There is a primary dam and a secondary dam and water from the secondary dam is now being forced to return to the base of the dam wall thereby weakening it. This causes a risk of the dam giving in,” he said.

Lake Chivero has a carrying capacity of 247 million cubic metres of water.

It supplies water to Harare, Chitungwiza, Norton and Ruwa.

Cde Chidarikire said the weed had been a problem for the past 30 years.

He suggested the creation of bio-digesters to address the problem.

Source : The Herald