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Government has been urged to set aside a percentage of funds generated from empowerment projects to fund treatment of diseases like cancer.Mrs Mary Chiwenga, wife to Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga, told family members gathered for the memorial service of cancer victim Wishes Chimuzinga (13) recently that Government must dedicate a fund to non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Mrs Chiwenga assisted Wishes with a limb after her leg was amputated, and bought drugs for her cancer treatment.

“Concerted efforts are required to provide funding into our health sector and we call upon Government to set aside some money realised from empowerment projects to finance the health sector, in this case cancer treatment equipment,” Mrs Chiwenga said.

She proposed that Government set aside at least 20 percent of proceeds from empowerment projects to fund NCDs.

“As Musha Mukadzi (the charitable organisation she founded and leads) we are going to set up a Wishes Chimuzinga Cancer Trust to assist all children diagnosed with cancer.

“People take life for granted and if a person is asking for assistance, that person will be doing so genuinely. In the case of Wishes, I assisted her from deep inside my heart,” she said.

Mrs Chiwenga’s organisation is called Musha Mukadzi Zimbabwe Armed Forces Foundation.

She vowed to commit adequate time and resources to fight NCDs, with Gen Chiwenga also pledging support.

Mrs Chiwenga said MMZAFF’s philanthropic work would focus on 11-year old cancer patient Ashley Manje from Dzivarasekwa’s Presidential Guard Unit in Harare.

Gen Chiwenga will host a golf tournament on Saturday at Borrowdale Brooke Country Golf Club, Harare to raise US$2,5 million targeted by MMZAFF to support children with cancer.

At the tournament, military officers and doctors from Zimbabwe and Kenya will join MMZAFF’s 2014 initiative through medical outreach programmes.

Source : The Herald