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NEWLY appointed Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo has blasted Didymus Mutasa saying his predecessor was trying to reverse the resolutions of the just ended Zanu PF congress.

Mutasa, the former Zimbabwe presidential affairs minister, called on South African President Jacob Zuma to alert regional governments to what he said was the undemocratic sacking of former VP Joice Mujuru and her allies.

Chombo however dismissed Mutasa saying he cannot reverse the resolutions of the congress. In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com Wednesday Chombo said Mutasa’s views were not worth worrying about.

“That is wishful thinking and nothing to lose sleep over. The congress was duly constituted and there were more than 12 000 people now who is Mutasa to dismiss the resolutions,” Chombo said.

Mutasa is one of the victims of the purges which came soon after the ruling party’s congress last week claiming a number of top party and government officials including Mujuru.

The hurt veteran nationalist responded to the sack last weekend.

Speaking from India where his wife is having medical treatment Mutasa said: “We refuse to be chucked out of Zanu PF which some of us have been in for 57 years.”

“We fought for ‘one man, one vote’ majority rule, which is not provided for in the current Zanu PF constitution adopted at the last congress,” Mutasa said. “It gives all votes to the president alone and violates the supreme law of the country. It is therefore null and void, all that transpired at the 6th congress.”

He added: “We call on Zanu PF to work as it was before the 6th congress which was itself unlawful.” Mutasa was referring to the fact that loyalists of President Robert Mugabe and opponents of Mujuru had unilaterally changed the procedures for electing top party officials just before the congress.

Mutasa who was also among those accused of plotting to oust or assassinate Mugabe was replaced by Chombo as secretary for administration.

Source : New Zimbabwe