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EXPELLED former Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Mr Didymus Mutasa left the department in a shambles and his successor, Cde Ignatius Chombo, says he is seized with bringing back professionalism and efficiency in the administration of the ruling party.

Cde Chombo was appointed to the influential post by President and First Secretary of the party, President Mugabe last December following Mr Mutasa’s failure to make it to the Central Committee and the Politburo and has since been expelled for his role in a nefarious plot to unconstitutionally unseat President Mugabe.

In his first interview with The Herald regarding his new role, Cde Chombo decried the chaotic situation he inherited from Mr Mutasa and how he was putting systems in place to reverse the rot.

“During the last several years (administrative) systems had collapsed,” Cde Chombo said.

“Personnel were hired and fired willy-nilly. Administrative meetings to coordinate the activities of the party were not held and decisions were made with very little consultation. There was no organogram put in place and job descriptions and relevant qualifications were not adhered to.

“So, it’s those issues that I am correcting as the new secretary for Administration,” he said.

Cde Chombo said since assuming office, he and his team had “addressed many issues that had been unattended for a long time”.

“We resuscitated meetings for heads of departments every week so that the entire team knows what the priorities are for that week. We have completed a new organogram for the party Headquarters and the provinces as well. This new organogram streamlines the activities and the decision making processes of the party.

“We have also set up a coordinating committee, which I chair, to coordinate party activities and programmes. We have also set up a mobilising committee led by national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere we have also set up a transport and welfare committee led by Cde Oppah Muchinguri we have an economic affairs committee headed by Cde Chris Mushohwe and we will soon set up a finance committee led by Dr Obert Mpofu. These systems — these committees and sub-committees — will assist in the smooth running of the party and ensure that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

“That will help us avoid the shambolic situation such as the one that was left behind by Cde Mutasa,” said Cde Chombo. The Minister of Local Government also noted that party workers would go for months without pay during the stint of Mr Mutasa.

“However, all party employees have been paid all that is due to them . . . I’m happy to say that since this administration took over, party workers have been paid on time,” said he.

He said the party would continue finding innovative ways to generate money, as instructed at Congress.

Cde Chombo also scoffed at Mr Mutasa’s claims that he was still the bona fide secretary for Administration, as he claimed in statements in the private media, saying Mr Mutasa had participated in activities in the run up to the December Congress and was rendered redundant.

“Hence, the assertion publicised in the media attributed to the former secretary for Administration is grossly misleading and lack constitutional and procedural basis and should be ignored,” explained Cde Chombo.

Mr Mutasa and his nephew Mr Temba Mliswa, along with expelled former spokesman Mr Rugare Gumbo have resorted to the courts to fight their expulsions for being part of the putschist cabal that sought to unconstitutionally depose President Mugabe.

Source : The Herald