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Government has been urged to enact legislation that regulates the registration and operations of churches as part of measures to deal with cases of sexual abuse of women and girls within the institutions. A report that was presented by the Thematic Committee on Gender and Development in the Senate recently noted concerns in the number of cases of women and girls falling victim to abuse by church leaders.

“Government should enact legislation to regulate registration and operations of the churches,” read the report. “However, there is need for full participation of different church representatives in the formulation of that legislation so that it would not affect Christians’ right to worship.”

The report emphasised the need for the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development and stakeholders to partner with different churches in their interventions to combat gender based violence.

It noted that the police were facing challenges in investigating cases of the abuse of women and children due to the lack of a legal framework to regulate church operations.

“This, therefore, results in the police having to wait for individuals to come forward before instituting an investigation,” read the report. It was further noted that churches were taking aantage of the lack of a legislation to abuse women and girls seeking spiritual deliverance.

“Although some churches claimed to have registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare, the Committee was well informed that they do not register under the said ministry,” read the report.

Source : The Herald