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GWANDA residents have been left baffled after two bizarre incidents occurred this Friday the 13th.

A government vehicle (Granvia) which was being driven by a son to a senior Central Intelligence Officer was torched at around 3am whilst the young man was in bed at his girlfriend’s place in Ultra High Township.

Twelve hours later, at around 3 pm, a 21 year old woman was found hanging from a tree on the banks of Manzamnyama River.

Moments before hanging herself, the woman had sent a message to her sister via WhatsApp notifying her of her intention to kill herself.

Regional CIO chief Zenzo Ntuliki’s son, identified as Marcus, had his vehicle reduced to shells after it caught fire in a suspected case of arson.

Although there was no official comment on the cause of the fire it is suspected a jilted lover could have caused the inferno that almost engulfed the house.

“We were woken up after we heard some bursts and when l looked outside the window l saw the fire raging and we rushed and used buckets to put out it out. The fire brigade arrived late when the damage had been done,” said Siphiwe Nkomo a neighbour.

Police were said to be questioning both Marcus and his girlfriend about the incident.

Later in the day at around 3pm a passer-by saw the body of Zanele Ngwenya hanging from a tree near Manzamnyama Bridge, close to NASSA shopping mall.

Ngwenya sent WhatsApp messages to her sister saying she was going to kill herself over an undisclosed problem.

In the chat messages, Ngwenya apologises to her sister for taking the drastic decision.

“I am sorry for taking my life, give all my clothes to Buhle,” reads one of the chats.

Bongani Ndaba, a husband to the deceased sister said her child had overheard her arguing on the phone with her boyfriend who is a soldier.

“She left on Thursday morning going to the flea market where she had been recently employed. She told us she was going to kill herself and was last seen being active on WhatsApp this morning,” said Ndaba.

Ngwenya removed her jeans and tore a bag-sling which she used to hang herself.

Source : New Zimbabwe