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Bright lights flashy cars, wide tarred roads, skyscrapers and a fast life! Such is the image some people have when they think of a city. Who would not want to live in a city with all these wonderful things? It would seem there is no one. However, life in the city has turned out not to be as attractive as many people think.

For a reasonably large number of people who live in small towns or rural areas, there is always the hope that one day they will set foot on the streets of a city somewhere far away from dusty and barren lands back home.

There is the assumption that there will be fresh clean air compared to the smell of dung one gets accustomed to from herding sheep, goats and cows in the rural areas.

Water in the city is supposedly germ free as it comes out of a tap and all one has to do is to turn the tap instead of travelling for long distances only to come back home with the neck and back almost breaking under the weight. So the journey will begin on a certain day.

Tears will be streaming down from the faces of relatives as they bid their son or father farewell. Their hope will be that he will get a job as a manager somewhere in the big city then send a lot of money back home to send the children to school and perhaps repair the roof of the house which is almost falling in. Upon setting foot on the streets of the city, it suddenly dawns on someone that it is going to be a long bumpy ride to reach the window of success. In some cities, not only are you greeted by filthy bus termini but groups of hooligans and touts yelling at the top of their voices attracting everyone’s attention. This is only the initiation phase.

One has to embrace their belongings to keep them from being snatched by those who specialise in taking what does not belong to them. If you have a relative to take you in while you search for employment, you should consider yourself lucky as you will have a roof over your head.

The search will prove to be a nightmare especially if you are not qualified for a high paying job.

There is competition with graduates from tertiary institutions who will be roaming the streets as well.

In the event that one secures employment, there is the hassle of having to wake up early in the morning to commute to work and also standing for hours on end in long winding queues on the way back home. It seems it is only those who have personal vehicles that are blessed, as they have no worries of getting home late because of transport problems. When you wake up in the morning, the air will be full of smog as the industries emit a lot of smoke, thus polluting the air.

The streets of some cities are full of litter, uncollected refuse and at times one has to walk with great care on the pavements for fear of stepping on someone’s tomatoes which will be piled for sale.

The streets are also full of people and there is the rubbing of shoulders, pushing and shoving which are all rather unpleasant.

Life in the city is also getting more expensive by the day.

Prices of basic commodities are high and one still has to pay rentals and bills that seem to go up every month. All this gives a rather dismal picture of life in the city.

The writer is a Form Four student at Kuwadzana 2 High School in Harare.

Source : The Herald