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Glen View 4 Primary School has reopened after city works maintenance teams rectified and repaired a sewer line that had broken down clogging the school compound with raw sewage.

The school was forced to close two weeks ago when effluent from a packed-up sewage pipe seeped through manholes and onto the school yard exposing pupils and staff to health risks.

Council spokesman Mr Michael Chideme told The Herald that council had rectified the sewage problems, paving the way for pupils to resume their lessons.

“We have rectified the sewage problem at Glen View 4 Primary School,” he said.

“As you can see children are back in class after we disinfected the school yard. We are now connecting the school sewer system to a lower load line west of the school. We have realised that the current system in use was over loaded.”

Although the City Health Department was still to assess the school, Mr Chideme said it was now safe for pupils to resume classes. By yesterday, raw sewage had not been covered with soil despite council teams having disinfected the school yard.

Parents with children at the school were relieved.

“I’m happy that the school has reopened,” said Mrs Edina Mukwekwe, who has a child in Grade Two at the school.

Source : The Herald