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The demon that haunted City Sports Centre was at the weekend exorcised after the Zim Dancehall Shutdown went ahead without incident. Though the crowd was a bit disappointing perhaps due to early showers and the fact that some people feared a repeat of the fiasco that rocked Sting 2014 at the venue when teargas was fired into the crowd resulting in a stampede.

This time around the crowd was well behaved and did not cause trouble for the police who were manning the gates and the terraces.

Another positive thing was that there were several exits and the bright lights which kept everyone in check.

The bars were dotted around the venue while there was order on stage for the performing artistes.

However, Soul Jah Love pulled a surprise and almost compromised his security when he used the public entrance instead of the VIP gate.

Scores of fans mobbed him as he made his way into the auditorium disrupting Killer T’s performance. The “Po Po Po Po” singer was forced to leave the stage.

Killer T is back to his winning ways and he put up a splendid act had it not been for Soul Jah Love who stole the thunder from him.

And the crowd went ecstatic when Soul Jah Love and Winky D performed their duet “MaGaffer”. It was arguably the climax of the Zim Dancehall Shutdown. Winky D who put on an Egyptian Pharaoh headdress looked spectacular alongside Jah Love’s Rastafarian coloured tuxedo.

Straight from Winky D’s set in which he introduced a new set, Jah Love and the Conquering Family rocked the stage doing the clarks much to the delight of the crowd.

Other artistes who put up splendid performances include Kinnah, Seh Calaz, Terminator, Ricky Fire, Badman, Jiggaz and Lady Squanda.

Kinnah could be the best thing to happen to Zim dancehall after Tocky Vibes. He has no time to beef with anyone and he minds his own business.

Perhaps Kinnah is the next artiste to watch for the crowds went wild from start to finish enjoying his performance. The gig proved that Zim Dancehall gigs can also be held successfully without violence.

The show organised by Chipaz Promotions also saw emcees Etherton Beenie and Templeman taking part while DJs Garry B and Flavah also spiced up the line up.

Source : The Herald