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There will be water supply disruptions in some Harare suburbs on Sunday to allow the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority to carry out maintenance work on transformers and power cables at Warren Control Pump Station. Harare’s principal communications officer Mr Michael Chideme said Mbare and Sunningdale would not face water disruptions.

“The scheduled repair works are expected to take up to eight hours from 6am to 1pm. Water disruptions will be city wide save for Mbare and Sunningdale, which are supplied by the Prince Edward Water Treatment Plant,” he said.

Harare consumes about 800 mega-litres daily yet the city is pumping between 450 and 500 mega-litres per day.

Once the whole programme is finished, the City expects to pump a maximum of 700 mega-litres daily. The City of Harare has been struggling for years to provide water for residents and hope is pinned on the $144 million Chinese loan that will see the refurbishment of Morton Jaffray Water Works and other pump stations.

From the loan, water treatment works at Morton Jaffray, Prince Edward, and Firle are to be rehabilitated, while Crowborough Waste Treatment Works and the Little Marimba Trunk Sewer will also be replenished.

Source : The Herald