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Civil servants want Government to include them on boards of entities that directly deal with their welfare.

Workers’ unions said this in a meeting with Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Nicholas Goche on Tuesday.

They want their representatives on the boards of companies like the National Aids Council, NSSA, Premier Service Medical Aid Society and the Retrenchment Board.

Employees also want the Tripartite Negotiating Forum — a dialogue platform bringing together Government, business and labour — revamped to include them directly.

Currently the civil servants unions are represented at the TNF by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions.

Minister Goche yesterday said, “We are still talking to them on that. I spent the whole day in a meeting with them (on Tuesday) and all I can say is that we are discussing those issues with them,” he said.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Mr Raymond Majongwe said workers had to be part of decision-making so as to prevent some of the problems that bedeviled institutions like PSMAS.

“We told the minister that we do not have to pick from the media what is happening at institutions which are run using money deducted from our salaries,” he said. “This is why we ended failing to access medical services yet contributions are deducted every month from civil servants’ meagre salaries. Our inclusion will ensure the effective use of our monthly subscriptions.”

He said previous attempts to engage Government over the issue failed.

“We are happy that now an ear is listening to us. The door has always been shut for us. It is our hope that Government will look into our issue as Minister Goche has started doing,” Mr Majongwe said.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association chief executive Mr Sifiso Ndlovu said their involvement would make the boards more responsible.

“This can be likened to shareholder interest . . . The task is for Government to make careful selection to come up with the right candidates who can represent the workers.”

Mr Ndlovu added: “On the Tripartite Negotiating Forum, the generality of the workers are not represented as the representation is through congresses. It means we are there by default and it is something we need addressed.”

Source : The Herald