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All civil servants who were supposed to get paid on Tuesday will now access their April salaries on Thursday due to challenges in transmission of funds caused by the Easter and Independence holidays.

A smaller portion of the Government workers, including soldiers and teachers, had received their salaries with an increment backdated to January, but the majority of the workers were expecting their salaries on Tuesday.

In a statement, the Civil Service Commission secretary Mrs Pretty Sunguro said the transmission of funds would be hindered as the nation would be on holiday that starts today and ends on Monday.

“The Civil Service Commission aises that the Ministry of Finance (Treasury) has moved the pay date for April 2014 for the rest of the civil service from April 22 to April 24 of 2014,” she said.

“The Ministry of Finance has attributed the change in pay dates to the upcoming Independence and Easter holidays, which will affect the transmission of funds within the banking sector.”

Teachers got their back-dated salaries on Tuesday, while soldiers were paid on April 9.

According to the new salary schedule, the least paid civil servant will take home $375 monthly, while teachers will be around $500.

Government and civil servants unions agreed on a salary increment that would see the least paid worker earning $375 inclusive of $91 and $66 housing and transport allowances, respectively.

The lowest paid teacher or nurse is now getting a basic salary of $284 in addition to $116 and $100 in transport and housing allowances.

With the new salary schedule, Government will fork out $155 million to pay its 230 000 workers monthly.

Source : The Herald