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A CLIQUE of tired geriatrics is refusing to retire, denying thousands of unemployed Zimbabweans access to jobs, an MDC-T MP has said.

Nelson Chamisa, who is the MDC-T national organizing secretary and MP for Kuwadzana constituency, said the country’s youths were unemployed because they were being blocked by the aged who are reluctant to retire.

“We have over-age employment in this country and this has to be addressed if our young people are to get jobs.

“As the MDC we are saying those who are over-aged should relinquish those jobs for the young ones to take them,” said Chamisa.

He added that pressure of circumstances was forcing an “over-aged” and “exhausted” President Robert Mugabe to cling to power blocking younger people from getting employed.

Chamisa did not explain what he meant by “the pressures of circumstances”.

“The likes of President Mugabe, the likes of Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo, you can see that they are tired and exhausted but because of pressure, the pressure of circumstances they remain over aged at state level,” he said.

The firebrand legislator was speaking at a function organised by his party’s youth wing to launch its job creation campaign in Harare last Wednesday.

The MDC-T youth league is currently on a nationwide campaign demanding that Mugabe’s government fulfils its election pledge to create 2.2 million jobs.

Mugabe, in the run-up to last July’s election, promised to create 2.2 million jobs within a period of five years.

But more companies are closing shop, piling thousands of Zimbabweans on the jobless heap.

According to the country’s biggest labour representative body, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, at least 450 workers are losing their jobs every week.

Source : New Zimbabwe