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It is probably awkward for parents to compete with their own children in some sectors but in show business, this is a reality for many families.

And true to that, Allan Chimbetu will for the first time clash with his “sons” Tryson and Douglas at a potentially explosive gig scheduled for Club Las Vegas, ex-Octopus, on Sunday.

The family fun day dubbed “Dendera Clash” features Allan aka Professor, Tryson aka Doctor Nero and King Dougy, who are all Chimbetus on one stage.

It is pretty much a family affair throughout whether on the dance floor or on stage.

Like a true custodian of dendera, Allan who has not been active on stage for months will provide guidance to the youthful singers.

However, the three artistes run into the danger of performing the same playlist but that shouldn’t be a problem since between them there is a huge catalogue of hits.

Allan has his own compositions and so does Dougy. Tryson also has his own songs. So the show will give fans a real dendera treat non-stop.

Dougy is known for his well choreographed dances while Tryson is popular for his natural voice. To him music comes naturally.

So what this means is that the gig will be thrice as nice as Allan, Tryson and Dougy take turns to entertain families.

Event organisers said there would be a surprise guest. Could it be Suluman Chimbetu? Well, it remains to be seen come Sunday.

For those who love old skool music, the joint will be blazing it up with the likes of Dr Zobha and Flabba on the decks from midday until late in the evening every weekend.

The combination of Dr Zobha and Flabba is one to watch out for as the two mean business behind the turntables.

Source : The Herald