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Sacked Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Petronella Kagonye has been sucked into Goromonzi South land disputes where she is accused of swindling co-operatives.

Ms Kagonye’s company, Glorious Properties, won a tender to develop the area, but co-operative chairpersons accuse her of pocketing the money.

Chairperson of Shingiriro Housing Co-operative Ms Joyce Chiroodza last week said co-operatives in the area were made to deposit funds into a Glorious Properties’ bank account for the servicing of stands.

“I was instructed by Kagonye to deposit all the money which was in the co-operative account into her company and we deposited $25 000, but she never developed the area. I even have the message in which she made the directive,” she said.

Other co-operative chairpersons were also allegedly made to deposit various amounts of money into Glorious Properties account.

Another co-operative chairperson said, “She was supposed to develop Solomio Farm after her company Glorious Properties won the tender, but up to now there is no development to talk about.

“Beneficiaries requested that she produce a bill of costs, but she failed having demanded that co-operatives deposit funds in her account in the name of Glorious Properties. About $50 000 was deposited, but she failed to service save for drawing up a map which she failed to pay the town planner for.

“She failed to justify her development costs of $10 per square metre. Various other sums which are over $150 000 were paid directly and indirectly towards various activities which she claimed were to be invoiced but she later refused to invoice them.”

Ms Kagonye denied any illegal activities in her constituency, saying it was her wish to see the area develop.

“It is the work of my political foes,” she said.

“I was not paid a single cent by anyone and I can produce my bank statement to show that no money was paid into Glorious Properties. I challenge those who say otherwise to bring forward the evidence.

“We are still waiting for the layout plan for the area to be approved. The chairpersons of co-operatives in the area were not supposed to collect any money from home seekers because it is illegal to sell State land. I have no interests whatsoever in Caledonia. I am interested in seeing development, we need roads, water and a well-organised settlement.”

Ms Kagonye said she was happy that the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing intervened, saying housing co-operative chairpersons had been swindling prospective home seekers for over 15 years.

Source : The Herald