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Seventy three students from Belvedere Technical Teachers College recently toured the Freedom Camp shrine in Zambia to acquaint themselves with the history of the liberation struggle.

The purpose of the visit was to enable students to trace the history of the liberation struggle by visiting some of the areas which used to be camps for the freedom fighters.

“The trip was meant to educate and inform the youths about the sacrifices that were made by gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe in the struggle for independence,” said the acting Principal of Belvedere Technical Teacher’s College Mr Patrick Chinhoro.

He said it was important for the youths to understand the country’s history. On the 11th of October 1978, the camp was bombed by Rhodesian forces while more than a 1 000 freedom fighters were at parade. Thousands of freedom fighters were killed during the bombing raids.

Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980 from Britain after a protracted 16 – year guerilla war.

Source : The Herald