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Bulawayo-based stand-up comedian and actor Clive Chigubu is set to perform in Malawi at the Solomonic Theatre Festival next month.

He is among 90 artists to grace the inaugural arts fiesta in that country.

The multi-talented actor, who is fluent in English, Shona, Ndebele as well as Zulu, will join Karoi-based traditional dance group Icon Theatre Productions that was also invited to perform during the festival.

Chigubu will share the stage with comedians Difikoti and Bikikoni from Zambia as well as Malawi’s Izeki ndiJakebo and Mr Jokes among others.

Solomonic Peacocks Theatre public relations officer Jimmy Maole said the festival is unique as it will embrace theatrical activities including drama, comedy, and poetry, traditional and contemporary dances.

The theme of the festival is “Theatre for Life” as it inspires actors to take art as a form of employment.

“It is our hope that artists will be able to interact, create networks in the view of cultural exchange programmes that will enhance arts as a source of livelihood. We also hope it will be the basis of professionalism in the industry” said Maole.

Chigubu believes that he will represent the country as one of the best comedians in the country.

“I have shared stages with high profile individuals, among them Vlismas and Michael Nicker in South Africa’s comic category. Locally I have done so with Ntando Van Moyo, Babongile Sikhonjwa, Siyaya, IYASA, Bulawayo, Carl Joshua Ncube, Doc Vikela and Simba the Comic King among others.

“I have also shared the stage with Sulumani Chimbetu and this has built confidence in whatever I do.

“The Malawi festival will see me showcasing my talent to international audience,” he said.

Source : The Herald