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Forty commandos graduated at Wafa Wafa Training Camp in Kariba last Friday. Their course, which started off with 75 volunteers from Zimbabwe National Army’s infantry units, saw 35 dropping out. Addressing the graduates, Colonel Charles Mazaiwana, who is responsible for ZNA training, reminded them that the nation’s military strength relied on their exceptional military skills.

“As special forces, you must maintain high state of combat readiness and remain resolute in the defence of our nation.

“I urge you to think outside the box and circumvent challenges which come along your way to accomplish your mission,” he said.

Col Mazaiwana said commandos the world over were known for their bravery and high combat skills and urged graduates to be loyal and highly disciplined as the ZNA recently adopted zero tolerance on indiscipline with many having been unceremoniously expelled from the force.

Source : The Herald