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A VICTORIA FALLS refuse collector will this week commence his 70 hours of community service after being convicted of assaulting his wife who caught him naked with a prostitute in a brothel.

Victoria Falls magistrate Sharon Rosemani on Friday sentenced Busani Sibindi, 41, to two months in jail for a crime of physical abuse but commuted the jail time to community service to be done at Victoria Falls Hospital.

This was after Sibindi who was at home, received a call on his mobile phone from an unnamed girlfriend so they could go and have sex at a nearby shop that has been turned into a brothel, the court was told.

Sibindi and wife Molly Ncube, 52, reside at 1097 Chinotimba and have no child from nine years of marriage.

“At around 7pm the accused received a call from his girlfriend and he went to see her with a friend. The wife became suspicious and followed them and then saw her husband and another woman entering a tuck shop used as a brothel,” said Prosecutor Listen Nare.

The court was told that Ncube waited for an hour while her husband had a nice time with the girlfriend in the brothel.

“The complainant waited for an hour outside before going inside where she found him naked with a girlfriend. She grabbed the accused demanding to know what he was doing and that is when he slapped her several times,” the court was told.

In his defence, Sibindi said: “She followed me to where I was with another woman and I got angry that she was causing a scene. I wanted to leave the place but she wanted us to talk about the issue in public,” he said.

Even a withdrawal affidavit by Ncube who claimed that they had reconciled with her husband could not stop the magistrate from sentencing him.

The magistrate said Sibindi had aggravated the case by beating up his wife when he was being unfaithful by cheating on her.

Source : New Zimbabwe