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Seldo Mining Company is seeking the eviction of GampW Industrial Minerals from its Rushinga Dolomite Mine after it emerged that the mining firm has been illegally operating on the claims for over 20 years.

The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development recently ruled that GampW Industrial Minerals had been operating illegally on the claims that were formerly owned by Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) from 1989 to 2009.

In a letter written on Monday last week to GampW Industrial Minerals, Seldo Mining’s lawyers Mahuni and Matatu demanded that the firm ceases operations and leave the mine with immediate effect.

“Regrettably, our client can no longer accommodate your plant and now demands that within 30 calendar days you terminate your operations, remove your equipment and personnel from block 37311 Rushinga Dolomite,” said the Seldo Mining lawyers.

“Our client wishes to utilise the full block for its mining activities and your plant is sitting on top of a potential deposit. Furthermore, your occupation is unjustifiable and incompatible with our statutory duties and obligations.”

Seldo Mining indicated that it had bought more machinery to expand its operations and to fully utilise the claims.

“It may be worthwhile to let you know that our client has brought valuable mining equipment for its mining business and has entered into joint venture arrangements that will see full utilisation of all its claims,” read the letter by the lawyers.

Previously, the mining claims had been occupied by ARDA and, GampW took occupation on the strength of a Tributary Arrangement with the parastatal.

Source : The Herald