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The John Legend ticket sale system has hit a snag with fans failing to follow up their reservations for the forthcoming show slated for November at Harare International Conference Centre.

Uptake of tickets has been slow as some of the fans are failing to understand the concept of reserved ticketing system, according to organisers, Davies Events.

The spokesperson Gabriel Ettlin said a substantial number of reserved tickets had not been redeemed on the scheduled dates of collection.

“Collection for all of the online reservations made thus far was scheduled for 11th and 12th of July but the promoters have reported that a substantial number of these reservations which were made were not redeemed,” he said.

However, the cheaper tickets of US$30, US$50 and US$75 had sold out at the box office when it opened at the show venue last month.

Online reservations and early box office accounted for almost all of the entry level tickets. The reason behind the online reservations was to ensure that fans from outside Harare have an equal opportunity to access them.

“Making a reservation does not guarantee you a ticket, unless you follow the instructions on your pdf and go to the box office during the period stipulated on your print out and make payment for your reservation in exchange for physical tickets,” he said.

Ettlin said all reservations would expire after a given date and the physical tickets would be returned to the box office for public sale.

Meanwhile, John Legend has since included his Harare show on his official tour website.

The performance that is part of the “All of Me Tour” will see the R ‘n’ B star performing four times in South Africa while jetting into Zimbabwe in between.

Also expected at the show are John Legend fans from neighbouring countries like Zambia, and Mozambique.

Source : The Herald