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It thus follows that a Zanu-PF with bad apples translates to bad apples in Government, similarly a cleaned-out Zanu-PF translates to a focused Government that can deliver for the people.

Indeed some of the people being dumped and set to be dumped at Congress have been implicated in the scandals that afflicted parastatals and State enterprises, the expectation is that with such people off the radar, Congress will usher in a united, effective Zanu-PF with an eye on delivery.

Zanu-PF can ill-afford the luxury of harbouring internal saboteurs while working to stave off the West’s illegal regime change agenda.

The clean-up of party structures thus bodes well for the Congress theme, “Accelerated implementation of Zim-Asset” because there were those in Zanu-PF who didn’t want the blueprint to work because it went against their plot to depose President Mugabe, and the post-Mugabe regime of Western appeasement they hoped to preside over.

The successful implementation of Zim-Asset, which is anchored on the judicious exploitation of our God-given resources, would have gone against the plans of reactionaries who thrive on socio-economic hardships for political capital.

That the full gamut of the opposition’s political and quasi-political groups among them NGOs, and anti-Government tabloids have rallied to the defence of Vice President Joice Mujuru despite the serious allegations of high-level corruption she faces speaks volumes about the extent of the anti-Mugabe plot.

No Western leader would last a day longer in office if such allegations are raised against them but in Western eyes, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

It is providential that the ongoing clean-up of Zanu-PF structures was preceded by exposes of the serious rot that afflicted parastatals and state enterprises, a rot that Vice President Mujuru condoned when she condemned the media for exposing and expounding on the cash-gate scandal.

It is now clear why she did not want media scrutiny, she would rather have the ordinary people who fell victim to her nefarious deals, remain just that, victims.

We hope the momentum that appeared lost in the wake of the cashgate scandal, would be restored after Congress as state enterprises and parastatals are at the heart of the success of the mega-deals that were spawned by President Mugabe’s highly successful State visit to China last August.

Already the developments at ZBC, that follow the forensic audit that was commissioned by the parent ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, have set the tone.

We hope other ministries will follow suit so that all these enterprises, that are integral to the country’s economic turnaround efforts, can be moved to profitability.

A lot rests on the Zanu-PF Congress and the leadership that shall be given the mandate to make Zim-Asset work for the nation.

This congress is more than a Zanu-PF event and it should never be business as usual.

The nation awaits.

Source : The Herald