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President Mugabe expects the ongoing 6th National People’s Congress to completely stem out factionalism that had threatened to ground the revolutionary party with Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies plotting to topple the party’s First Secretary and President.The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, expressed his hope in the foreword of the Central Committee report that was adopted by Congress on Thursday.

He also set out Zanu-PF’s agenda and strategies going forward to ensure it delivered on its election promises and Zim-Asset policy document.

“Lately, we have taken concrete steps to stem factionalism, but after this Congress, we should have nothing more of this scourge,” said President Mugabe.

“We cannot countenance a situation where Zanu-PF risks being succeeded by something that we cannot define within its ideology, some other contraption that is not Zanu-PF, but calling itself by its name and claiming to be Zanu-PF.

“It is indeed in this regard, that this Congress must set a deadline for the establishment of the Chitepo College of Ideology without further ado, amongst other measures designed to entrench and promote our party’s ideology.”

President Mugabe said there were a number of internal impediments to it delivering on its mandate.

He said the party had fared badly in restructuring itself, recruiting more members and growing in tangible ways, a development he attributed to the commissariat department.

“We need to refocus the party commissariat work away from this current jostling and pushing for positions, which in turn has bred the current scourge of factionalism, back to the party’s ideology, robust mass mobilisation and winning the nation’s hearts and minds of the people of Zimbabwe to support Zim-Asset. This congress needs to give a clear and unambiguous direction on this important matter,” said President Mugabe.

He said corruption had taken root in the country especially among senior party officials and warned that stiffer action would be taken against the culprits.

“As the ruling party, we must now move resolutely from repeatedly calling for zero tolerance for corruption in all our Congress and Conference resolutions and this time, be seen to be taking tangible, demonstrable and measurable action to stop this problem.

“The people of Zimbabwe expect us to act and act resolutely, without further delay. As the ruling party, we must en-fetter the Zimbabwe Republic Police and all the law enforcements agencies of Zimbabwe, to give them maximum support to deal with this destructive scourge, once and for all,” said President Mugabe.

He said inconsistencies in internal party elections had since 2009 been characterised by “intrigue, blatant rigging, rampant impositions and shameless vote-buying” as people jostled to position themselves in the “so-called succession debate”.

“This Congress must direct the party to establish, without further ado, a professional National Elections Directorate or Party Elections Commission which has remained moot for too long a time as a way of entrenching a democratic culture in our internal processes.

“We need to move urgently to establish a Policy Formulation, Development and Evaluation Mechanism which provides focused intellectual input assisting the First Secretary and President, Congress, Conference, the Central Committee and the Politburo in asserting the supremacy of the party over Government,” he said.

President Mugabe said the set of measures would include trimming down the size of the Politburo, reducing bureaucracy as well as the establishment of a dedicated strategic think tank at party headquarters.

“The measures are intended to bring synergy and singleness of purpose in the party’s outputs both in Government and in its interaction with the electorate.

“They will also elevate the focus of the Politburo secretaries from their current apparent occupation with the routine tactical internal daily needs of the party towards aocacy and enforcement of party ideology and policies at the national strategic level.

“In other words, the ruling party’s ideological footprint must be visible and it must have a direct say in all the outputs of its functionaries deployed to Government or elected to any position within the party.

“No output made in the name of the party must ever be academic. Our ideology must come first. It must be the guiding light for all our intentions and actions as a revolutionary party,” President Mugabe said.

He said the economy was on a recovery path while imploring delegates to work flat out to ensure Government met people’s expectations.

“The theme of this Congress, therefore invites us, one and all, to go back to the slogan ‘MuZanu-PF — Iwe neni tine basa’, KuZanu-PF mina lawe silom’sebenzi’ so that we ensure that our country seizes the opportunities inherent in the above achievements to grow and prosper in a sustainable way.

“I need not remind you that Zim-Asset is more than just a blueprint for national economic growth and development. It is the vehicle that we have crafted and adopted as a party to deliver on the promises we made to the people of Zimbabwe during the 2013 harmonised elections.

“We fought and won those elections on the theme — ‘Indigenise, Empower, Develop and Create Employment. The people of Zimbabwe expect us to deliver on our promises.

“The focus of this Congress, therefore must be delivery, delivery and delivery,” said President Mugabe.

Source : The Herald