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This is because the most important outcome of the Congress is that it put paid to all talk of factional fighting in Zanu-PF, leaving the party united as Team Zanu-PF.

Detractors know a united Zanu-PF can pack a mighty punch as the result of last year’s harmonised elections can attest.

This is why they hankered for a Zanu-PF with Joice Mujuru as an alternative centre of power, the Zanu-PF that delivered the hung Parliament of 2008, and the subsequent dysfunctional inclusive Government.

With the real weevils out by the ear, Zanu-PF can now concentrate on strengthening its structures ahead of election 2018 and delivering on Zim-Asset in line with the congress theme “Accelerated Implementation of Zim-Asset”.

This is because prior to Congress, Zanu-PF was working at cross-purposes with President Mugabe and his team keen on delivering for the people while Mujuru and her cabal wanted to make sure nothing works pursuant to their agenda to unseat the President.

Zanu-PF’s intention at Congress was quite clear when the party dedicated an entire day to committee deliberations which is why, unlike previous editions, the 6th Congress effectively ran over three days after the official opening, and rather than tout office bearers, its major outcome are the progressive resolutions that show a party keen on delivering on its electoral promises.

With such resolve, the 6th Congress thus hammered the final nail into the MDC coffin because the main opposition party can no longer send overtures to so-called moderates in Zanu-PF in a bid to wrestle power from President Mugabe.

In the wake of last year’s devastating loss to Zanu-PF and the MDC-T’s own damp squib of a congress that never made it to the front pages of any newspaper worth its salt, both public and private, the MDC-T is effectively dead with the death of factions within Zanu-PF from which it hoped for a Lazarus moment.

With President Mugabe’s assertion that once proved, the allegations levelled against Dr Mujuru should lead to prosecution, Congress has also sent a clear message to corrupt officials in Zanu-PF — that no one is above reproach and if you are corrupt, you will be exposed.

Most importantly, Congress showed that it is not Zanu-PF that is corrupt but some bad eggs that will be made to answer for their actions.

As such, the MDC and all its fifth columnists are now effectively clueless as to what will happen with the revolutionary party.

They may as well burn all their books and self-fulfilling prophecies on Zimbabwe, which saw them predict that factional fights will destroy Zanu-PF.

Now that detractors have been neutralised, it is time to implement Zim-Asset and march together to a great future for our country.

Source : The Herald