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Local hip-hop artiste Shingirayi Maunganidze popularly known as Schingy has defended his contoversial video called “Bless Them – RIP Haterz” which has already gone viral on social media.

The video which was directed by Rasquesity Kaeitse from Bulawayo was received with mixed feelings from the public.

In the video the musician, sings while in the coffin before going to the graveyard and church scenes while wearing designer clothes which some said don’t suit the environment.

It features award winning hip-hop artiste Tatea Da Mc and Rowley Andrea and the video is on Schingy’s forth coming album entitled “#MWR-LPS1- Hatred”.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Schingy said the video depicts new creativity in the hip-hop sector.

“The song is very emotional and I wrote if for my haters who want me to die.

“So it was how the death is like, how they wish.

Being in the coffin depicts what they want,” he said.

The rapper said the video is not satanic.

“Some have said that I have joined Illuminati but believe you me I am not satanic neither I know where they are. One thing that I have noticed is that if you do something extra-ordinary people are here to pull you down.

Be a warrior when they say no stay focus and have the vision.

“There is no such thing as illuminati. It is just creativity at its best,” he said.

Schingy said that when other musician even international celebrity do the same they get a nod an applause but when local do better they get critic.

“I believe all the criticism can build me much g. I am here to stay and nothing can stop me.

Those who know Kendrick Lamar from United States, he did the same concept and was nominated for Grammy award,” he said.

The talented musician who was nominated last year at the Zim hip-hop awards for Most Promising Artiste said the video had a budget of $6 000.

“I think people are used to have videos on rocks, waterfalls and behind flowers in the garden of which it is now thing of the past.

“Welcome to 21st century,” he said.

He said his biggest dream was to perform this year at the Big Brother Africa if given a chance. “If given a chance to shine at Africa’s reality show I am going to make history,” he said.

The musician is studying

So far the video which is on YouTube has now over 1 000 views since its release.

It was shot in Harare on some places the musician didn’t want to reveal.

A local music critic said the video is against our culture.

“Yes it is the battle of creativity and cultural aspect. Should we say if we see someone wearing a pant on his head then we say that is creativity. We are Africans and we should protect our image. These musicians should understand that. Though it has some creativity but the cultural aspect is lacking,” said the critic.

However, the rapper promises more fireworks.

Source : The Herald