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It’s not a prom it’s not a fun day either and it’s a lot bigger than your usual party. Dress up, put on your dancing shoes and say hello to the Harare International Carnival that is now in swing. Indeed the HIC is booming and so much lined up for everyone, even for the teens.

You might have heard this but the carnival has a junior version where youths are taking part especially during the grand street march that will take place on Saturday May 24.

Only last year, Harare Girls High School were on cloud nine after winning US$10 000 for being the team with the best display during the prestigious parade.

We know it’s back to school business but c’mon. Ten gees, just for having fun! The things you could do for your school with all that money, ya? So if you are among the participants, pull up those socks because who knows, it might be your school coming out tops and walking away with big bucks.

So that is the buzz in this part of the country.

Don’t be a boxer

So in other shocking revelations the “Royal Family” (the Carters, Jay Z and Beyonce) were embroiled in an infamous elevator brawl.

Ok, we’ll stop being nice, the real deal is Mr Carter got a thorough beating from sister in-law and much loved fashionster, Solange Knowles, Bey’s little sister.

We feel for him and have cracked our ribs laughing at the video on social media. All this said, it is our official position that violence, directed at anyone for that matter, is wrong! We expect an explanation and possibly a statement condemning this act from you Miss Solange. Don’t beat us for this too.

Back to the real deal: Retosa competition is back

The Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa is running its second annual Youth in Tourism Essay Competition for primary and secondary school students in southern Africa.

Participants from primary and secondary schools aged between seven and 18 are being invited to submit essays on the topics allocated for the two respective categories.

Deadline for the submissions is July 7 2014 with all essays expected to be submitted electronically.

Again, get busy!


Madness is the new normal in the urban world if the phrases doing the rounds on social media are anything to go by. A recording of a “mad” man interconnecting events and not making sense at all is the buzz on phones and social networks too.

The last phrase on the recording: “unoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei” is our favourite for this week.

If you don’t know about this then hit us up and we can hook you up with the clip. Anyway, we do not even know where to start on how to decode the phrase but just take the literal meaning.

Meaning: I have no idea what is going down!

Favourite look of the week

Since the carnival mood is in the air, outfits that would make it on top of our fabulist in fashion.

Do not be scared to look up bright coloured outfits to rock this weekend.

Source : The Herald