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Self-confidence is one of the most important things in life. It separates the great people from the ones who wish or hope to be great. Unfortunately this is not something that most of us are born with, but a life skill that has to be learnt.

The lack of self-confidence usually affects many teens yet it is at adolescence that it is most needed. Many teens have no clear idea of what they want to be and where they are headed. As a result they are easily influenced by others and tend to suffer an identity crisis.

This can lead to depression which is one of the biggest causes of teen suicide and school drop outs.

If you find yourself ashamed and embarrassed to own up to who you are, then you are going through an identity crisis. For example, some teens doing their A levels says they feel inferior when asked what they are studying and they reply saying,” Shona” or “Ndebele” when others are studying sciences or commercial subjects. Of course it is true that some subjects are more marketable at any given time than others. Like these days anything related to information technology is more likely to open up some exciting opportunities than more traditional fields of study.

But if a person intends to take up an academic career in linguistics specialising in local languages, then they need to study Shona or Ndebele.

Someone with such a vision will not feel ashamed to say what they are doing because they know exactly where they are going and how they are going to get there.

Sometime before, I wrote about the need to have a game plan which is how you stop being confused. Once you know what you intend to do with your life you will have the confidence to hold your head up high in every situation.

There is a place for everyone in the world. We cannot all be scientists and economists or technology whizz kids.

So whatever space you occupy, make it your own and be proud of it. It will be hard for anyone else to look down upon you if you make it clear that you value yourself.

Source : The Herald