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A police officer, Nansel Chikwati, allegedly terrorised Masowe eChishanu apostolic leaders in Budiriro demanding cash at gunpoint. Chikwati (37) also stole $370 he was entrusted with by a civilian to pay at the Harare Civil Court.

He appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Adonia Masawi, facing armed robbery, robbery, assault and theft of trust property charges.

He is expected back in court on April 16.

The prosecutor Mr Liberty Gono alleged that in February last year, Everisto Dzaka was attending a church service at Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Sect in Budiriro when Chikwati arrived.

Chikwati was in the company of his accomplice who is still at large and they ordered Dzaka to produce a prophesying licence.

Dzaka refused and Chikwati forced him into his vehicle after showing his police identity card.

He drove to Budiriro 4 where Chikwati withdrew a black pistol, demanding cash.

Fearing for his life, Dzaka gave them $300.

The court heard that on May 15 around 3pm, Chikwati and two others, still at large, went to Masowe eChishanu apostolic sect in Budiriro 4.

It is alleged that Kudzionera Gudo was prophesying to the congregants when the trio approached him.

They ordered him into their blue Mazda 323 vehicle and drove to Mufakose.

They allegedly started demanding cash and started assaulting him.

They searched him and stole $100, a Nokia cellphone before dropping him off.

It is alleged that on December 17 around 11am, Agnes Munangati went to Harare Civil Court to pay fees for attachment of property.

Munangati met Chikwati at the court and after realising that he is a police officer, she handed him $370.

She was aised to come back later for her receipt but she never located Chikwati afterwards.

It is further alleged that on December 28, at Budiriro 5 Masowe eChishanu shrine, Chikwati approached Ignatius Nenzou.

Using the same modus operandi they ordered him into their vehicle and assaulted him after realising that he had no money.

Source : The Herald