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TWO Masvingo police officers have been charged with assaulting a Grade Seven pupil, allegedly accusing him of loitering at a city bus terminus.

Dick Murwirapachena, 25, and Witness Dhliwayo, 29, appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso this week.

Prosecutor Joshua Mundondo told how the two cops severely assaulted the boy (name withheld) with a baton stick after he had apparently run away from home.

The court heard that the two officers were on duty at Chikato Police Station when the boy was brought to them by a man who found him loitering at Mucheke Business Centre bus rank.

The cops asked the boy why he had ran away from home and he told them his mother had threatened to assault him after he lost some money.

According to Mundondo, the cops ordered the boy to lie face down on a bench and proceeded to thrash him several times.

After beating him, the officers ordered the boy to sit on the bench and wait for his mother.

The young boy’s mother reported to the police around 2230 hours and found the boy still in police custody.

She took him home but immediately discovered that he was unable to walk due to injuries sustained during the beating.

He was then taken to Masvingo General Hospital for treatment and the cops were later arrested.

Source : New Zimbabwe