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FALLEN sungura star, Alick Macheso, is facing possible over stunning claims he ejaculated in his child’s mouth, supposedly to treat a sunken fontanelle or nhova, inkanda.

The shock allegation was made by Macheso’s estranged wife, Tafadzwa Mapako, as the couple’s divorce fight turned messy.

Mapako blamed the collapse of the marriage on her refusal to let Macheso use his sickening supposed “treatment” for a sunken fontanelle on their child.

She claimed the mucisian used the same “therapy” – whereby he inserts his penis into the child’s mouth until he ejaculates – on their first child with first wife Nyadzisai Macheso watching.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi urged Mapako to formally report the allegations to enable investigations into possible child abuse.

Nyathi told the Herald that, while police were not minded to interfere in civil cases such as divorce proceedings, they were mandated to investigate criminal allegations.

“In this case, we appeal to the estranged wife to approach her nearest police station so that a statement can be recorded from her,” he said.

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association national director Chiedza Simbo urged police to launch investigations saying the allegations were serious.

“Children are, because of their physical and mental immaturity, vulnerable to abuse and parents and caregivers as well as the State have a special duty to protect children from harm,” she said.

“We urge the police to investigate the abuse alleged in the article in The Sunday Mail with a view to establishing the truth of the matter and, if the abuse is proven, prosecuting the alleged offenders.”

Source : New Zimbabwe