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Harare City Council has attached the property of residents who have failed to settle their outstanding bills and the valuables could be auctioned anytime.Over 3 500 residents risk losing their properties after failing to come up with payment plans.

The Messenger of Court recently instructed Ruby Auctions to auction the property on behalf of council.

Council spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme confirmed the development, saying the city was owed over US$331 million.

He said 52 percent of the debt was from rates and supplementary charges while 48 percent comprised sewer and water.

“To recover some of the debt, council is attaching property of at least 3 500 debtors following issuance of writs of execution which have been served on the debtors by the Messenger of Court,” he said.

Mr Chideme said council was left with no option after residents failed to settle their outstanding bills.

“Writs of execution are an action of last resort. We would have tried all other possible means like notices to get the people to pay so that we can be in a position to offer them services,” he said.

Mr Chideme encouraged residents and businesses to pay their bills to enable council to provide better services.

“The city finances its service delivery mandate through the rates paid by residents and businesses. If all the debtors were to settle the outstanding bills,council would be in a position to greatly improve service delivery and would also reduce on borrowing to finance service delivery,” he said.

Source : The Herald