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MDC-T-dominated Harare City Council is reportedly making decisions on partisan grounds, including shooting down applications for residential and commercial stands by known ZANU-PF members.

The allegations were made during a full council meeting on Monday after the councillors rejected applications for land made by some ZANU-PF officials.

Belgravia, Alexandra Park, Strathaven, Avondale West, Kensington and Gunhill councillor Beadle Gwasira (ZANU-PF) made the allegations after MDC-T councillors referred back to the Finance and Development Committee an application by Harare South National Assembly member Cde Shadreck Mashayamombe to lease a commercial stand in Granville.

Mabvuku councillor Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi objected to granting the lease to Cde Mashayamombe, arguing that it was too big for a commercial stand.

“Your worship the stand is too big for a commercial stand, which should not be more than 1 000 square metres,” he said.

Clr Kufahakutizwi was supported by other MDC-T councillors and the application was referred back to the committee.

Clr Gwasira told the full council that the MDC-T-dominated council was being unfair as it was looking at names of people without considering merits of each case.

“I do not think it is appropriate for council to look at the names of individuals and the parties they belong to before making important decisions. I notice that all ZANU-PF persons or anyone linked to ZANU-PF is being treated unfairly,” he said.

In an interview yesterday Cde Mashayamombe said the situation was reflective to what was happening at City of Harare.

“Anyone who is known to be a ZANU-PF supporter or linked to ZANU-PF is getting a raw deal at Harare City Council. I am happy that it was done to me as a leader, what about people who are at low levels of the party structure.

“The leadership of our party should be aware that their supporters are being denied the right to own properties in Harare on political grounds,” he said.

He said the stand in question was surveyed in 1999 for a business which required a large piece of land adding that some business people in the area have commercial stands which are bigger than the one he applied for.

Source : The Herald