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HARARE Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has said the capital has a planning and funding deficit spanning to over 25 years, which his administration will pass on to the next leadership.

Manyenyeni, who was speaking at a residents meeting organised by the Combined Harare Residents Association recently, said residents should not blame his council for the failing service delivery.

He said the challenges faced by his council were inherited from previous councils and warned that the trend was going to continue for a long time.

The council is failing to service roads, maintain the drainage system and to collect refuse which is accumulating in most parts of the city.

The local authority is also struggling to allocate vendors with trading bases, a situation which has resulted in vendors selling their wares on pavements thereby congesting the city.

“We have planning and funding deficit in a lot of things housing, roads, water- all of them could range around 25 years of deficit,” Manyenyeni said

“And, as we speak, we are creating new deficits”.

Harare recently secured a $144 million loan from China for water rehabilitation.

The loan caused a storm with residents demanding to know how the deal was negotiated and how it will be repaid.

Manyenyeni said “it might take a decade” for Harare to have new buildings owing to the bankruptcy of the local authority.

“What that means is that not only the new buildings but the whole infrastructure is affected,” said the MDC-T mayor.

He added: “We tend to just look at a symptom like the fact that there are no cranes putting up a new building. But what that tells you is that there are obviously no sewer lines being laid out. No new houses being laid out, no new roads being laid out.

“It’s actually a signal that we have inherited a deficit, and we will pass on a deficit to the next council”.

Source : New Zimbabwe