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A GUTU couple was burnt beyond recognition after the grass-thatched hut in which they slept mysteriously caught fire last week with family members blaming the tragedy on a bitter chieftainship row.

Gutu police confirmed Chenjerai Gozhore, 87, and wife Pesina, 67, of Man’ore village under Chief Magombedze in Gutu were killed in the blaze.

Investigations have yet to establish the cause of the fire but family members gly suspect foul play.

The village was in the grip of a fierce chieftainship dispute in which Chenjerai was supposed to take over as headman Magombedze.

“He (Chenjerai) was supposed to be the next headman but other families within the clan were opposed to this,” said a family member who preferred not to be named.

“There were rows that were taking place and we gly feel that there was foul play.

“There was no fire in the hut and we wonder where this mysterious blaze came from.

“We suspect foul play but we will wait to hear from police investigations.”

Gutu police however, said investigations into the cause of the fire were ongoing.

It was reported that before the tragedy, Chenjerai and Pesina had been in the company of their son Alexio Gozhore, 45, in their kitchen hut before the latter went to sleep.

Pesina and Chenjerai also later retired to bed.

However, Alexio was woken up by some noises from outside around 3AM. He went out to investigate only to find the roof of the hut in which his parents slept in flames.

The roof immediately crumbled before Alexio could do anything to rescue his parents who were still inside.

He later sought assistance from the neighbours and other villagers. They managed to put the fire out and retrieved the bodies which were burnt beyond recognition.

Chenjerai and Pesani were buried at their rural home in Man’ore village on Monday.

Source : New Zimbabwe