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A BULAWAYO magistrate has spared a thieving couple a custodial sentence after they stole $10 600 from the husband’s partially blind mother.

Jessina Mugabe and Raymond Mkhwananzi of Nkulumane suburb heaved a sigh of relief after magistrate Gladmore Mushove slapped the couple with 350 hours of community service.

The magistrate had sentenced the dishonest couple to 24 months in prison before he suspended six months for five on condition of good behaviour and a further nine months on condition that they repaid the stolen money.

The remaining nine months were suspended on condition that the couple performed 350 hours of community service.

The state’s case is that in September 2013 Jessina accompanied her mother in law to the bank where she assisted her to check the balance on her bank account since she was blind.

The balance in the account was reportedly $10 600.

Sometime in February this year, the owner of the account discovered the alleged theft when she sent her daughter to check the balance as she was in the process of purchasing a house.

The daughter reported that the account only had 95 cents.

A bank statement showed that the money had been withdrawn on several occasions.

When the thieving couple got wind that their undercover operation had been discovered, Jessina skipped the country and sought refuge in South Africa.

While there, she phoned her mother in law and confessed that they had stolen her money.

The mother in law reported the theft to the police leading to the pair’s arrest.

It was not clear if Jessina was arrested in South Africa or if she later returned to Zimbabwe on her own accord where she was to be nabbed.

Source : New Zimbabwe