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A Harare woman was granted a protection order against her husband at the Magistrates’ Civil Courts on Monday after he forced an empty bottle into her genitals and forced her into having unprotected sex even though he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Shupakai Mandlazi sought a protection order against Petros Chikonya which she was granted.

“We are currently staying together, but he is now my ex-husband,” she said. “He forces me to have unprotected sex with him when he knows fully well that he is being treated for an STI.”

Magistrate Mrs Babra Masinire was told that Chakona was in the habit of physically and verbally abusing Mandlazi over petty issues.

“He is now married to another woman and is refusing to pay school fees for our children,” Mandlazi said. “He is also in the habit of inserting an empty bottle in my private parts.”

Mandlazi said she was planning to move out of their matrimonial house and pleaded with the court to bar Chikonya from visiting her.

Chikonya denied the allegations and accused Mandlazi of being a well known prostitute in their neighbourhood.

“My wife is a well known prostitute at her work place and in the neighbourhood. She brings different boyfriends with different vehicles to our matrimonial home in my presence.”

Chikonya accused Mandlazi of denying him conjugal rights.

“We are still married and staying together as husband and wife, but she is in the habit of denying me conjugal rights,” said Chikonya.

He denied ever contracting an STI.

Mrs Masinire granted the order in Mandlazi’s favour which barred Chikonya from sexually, physically or verbally abusing her.

She ordered the couple to keep peace towards each other at all times.

Source : The Herald