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FORMER energy minister Elton Mangoma was Wednesday granted $1000 bail in a case in which he is charged with abuse of public office.

The MDC Renewal Team treasurer general was arrested Tuesday and detained after being charged.

Lawyers said the police claim that Mangoma ordered a Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority accountant to illegally cancel a tender and award it to OK Zimbabwe during the time he was a government minister.

Mangoma, who was represented by his lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate, Vakai Chikwekwe.

He was ordered to surrender his passport, continue residing at his home in Highlands, not interfere with state witnesses and report once per week at Harare Central Police station.

Prosecutors said during his tenure in the ministry of Energy and Power Development his duty was to oversee the operations of ZESA Holdings Pvt Ltd and its subsidiaries including ZETDC Pvt Ltd.

It is the state’s case that on 31 August 2012, ZETDC Pvt Ltd floated tender number ZETDC 132012 for the appointment of third party pre-paid electricity vending with a closing date of October 2012.

On 17 September, before the closure of the tender, it is purported that Mangoma, contrary to his duties as a public officer, directed ZETDC Accounting officer, Julian Masanga Chinembiri to cancel tender for the procurement of third party pre-paid electricity vending.

It is further alleged that he instructed the accounting officer to hand pick OK Zimbabwe without going to tender.

On 27 September 2012, the state procurement board cancelled the tender through PBR 1735 in line with ZETDC request as directed by Mangoma.

On 20 December the same year, OK Zimbabwe was appointed the third party prepaid electricity vendor as per instruction by Mangoma.

Mangoma handed himself to the police Tuesday after the police had indicated that they wanted to arrest him.

Mtetwa said her client was not given enough details on the allegations being held against him so that he would be able to answer correctly to the charges.

She again highlighted unhappiness over police’s interrogation which she said “violates” one’s “right to dignity and privacy”.

She said: “I have a complaint with regards to this new issue which they call a profiling form in which they even ask if the accused has a girlfriend, bank details and full details of one’s spouse. This is completely unrelated to the offence and we will write a detailed report of our concerns”.


Source : New Zimbabwe