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A countrywide flood alert is being issued to all, whether living in urban or rural areas. The Meteorological Services Department expects several days of heavy rainfall with a high probability of flash flooding anywhere across the country.

Accordingly, the Civil Protection Unit has aised the general public to continuously monitor water levels in their surroundings, listen to weather bulletins on radio and television.

It is also being aised that in case of flooding:

1. Timely move to higher ground if living in low lying areas or along rivers or streams

2. If your home is built on a wetland, swamp and or waterway, ensure children do not sleep on the floor

3. Continuously monitor water that may seep through doorways and ensure safety of your family

4. Both motorists and pedestrians are urged not to cross overflowing bridges and large expanses of pools on low lying roads.

5. Daylight travel is encouraged.

In case of g winds and hailstorms:

1. If at home, shelter in a house with the gest roof.

2. Close all windows and doors

3. If your roof is blown off, shelter under a table or chair and ensure your head is protected.

4. If far from shelter, crouch away from objects that may fall on you

For all emergencies, contact your nearest police station or your local emergency services.

Source : The Herald