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Dance, music and serious partying was the order of the day at Mereki’s Splash Club on Sunday as popular clique MaddUnit hosted the Crazy Sundayz gig.

An Easter, Independence and weekend celebration all rolled into one had revellers treated to top flight entertainment.

It was more like a version of popular Jamaican street party called “Passa Passa” but with a mixture of pop, hip hop, r “n” b, and local and international dancehall music.

“These gigs have turned into hub were fans come not only to enjoy but showcase talent. We now have regular groups and also individuals like the Flip Floppers and Ward 21who are now popular on our dance floors. We have even attracted artistes who like Seh Calaz who included the dancers in his video shoot two weeks ago,” said MaddUnit manager Chris Chikwature. He said the gigs were more interesting they were bringing together people from downtown and uptown were being brought together by the love of music.

Artistes are also part of mix at the Crazy Sundayz as was the case this holiday.

While the gig in question started off during the day, things got crazier as the night progressed.

It was unheralded dancehall Deejay Smiley of the “Magetsi” who torched the party. His husky voice and brilliant mceeing skills were enough to send the crowd into frenzy.

Deejay Smiley later passed the baton to the likes of Deejay Sadiq, musician Guspy Warrior, Deejay Garry B and Seh Calaz later on during the night.

“We had to make this edition extra special this holiday. There was so much to celebrate including the holidays and also a birthday party for one of the MaddUnit members,” added Chikwature.

He said the gig was also part of a mini tour that saw the clique playing in Mutare (Motoring Club), Marondera (Rat Mouse), Highfield (Gunners), Borrowdale (H20) and Beer Engine at the Jameson Hotel

MaddUnit comprises of Deejays, Mcees and dancers namely UK based Jah Hani, Deejay Sadiq, DJ King Inity and Mcees Lenny Matterhorn, Stan Splush, and Madd Fudzo.

The Crazy Sundayz gigs have been the main attraction at Splash Club from December last year.

Source : The Herald