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CRICKET fans from around the world saluted the Zimbabwe cricket team for their brave decision to become the first Test playing nation to tour Pakistan in six years saying the gesture was good for the game.

Although the tour has caused controversy back home, it has been hailed as a heroic move by the Zimbabwe cricketers by cricket fans who posted their messages on the authoritative ESPNCricinfo website yesterday.

The Chevrons are the first Test playing nation to step on Pakistan soil since militants sprayed bullets on the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore in March 2009.

And cricket fans believe that Zimbabwe’s brave decision, to break the barriers and venture into Pakistan, needed to be commended.

Already the tickets for the first ODI have been sold out.

Pakistan stood by Zimbabwe and supported the country to retain its Test status when vultures circled over the game and called for the revocation of the status during a dark period when the majority of white players walked away from the team.

Head of the Zimbabwe delegation, Ozias Bvute, came in for special praise from the fans for his address during the media conference at the Gaddafi Stadium where he said that his country could not be seen to be supporting the isolation of another nation from cricket.

Here are some of the comments:

Rameez Khawaja

Zimbabwe today is a better country in my eyes than any of the big 3 nations. I am in tears after seeing such an act. You got to respect these brave men. Ask the players now and check their Twitter posts – they love it already, hope you guys do as well.


Truly amazing decision by ZC, I salute the team of great character and wish them all the best.


Today, Zimbabwe is a bigger Country – my salute and eternal Thanks to Zimbabweans. God Bless you and your nation.


PCB are forever in debt to ZC if this tour goes off without a hitch. For all the thank yous from Pakistan fans and Pakistani people in general, if the PCB do not make an effort to reciprocate and assist ZC going forward in the future, then PCB should not accept the world to do them favours. They should not have ulterior motives to put on a showcase to bigger sides in the hope that they would come, but should focus on getting this tour absolutely right before thinking about the future.

AA Chicago

For those who are not local to Pakistan, I say that I was brought up in Pakistan, but have spent so many years in US. Every time I go back, I have this ‘fear factor’ and every time, I feel secure once I arrive. I was in Lahore a few weeks ago, and that is even safer and I dare to say ‘a normal’ city for cricket among India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Thanks ZC and all the best!


Very happy! I suppose I take it for granted to be able to walk 100 metres to my train station and within 20 minutes be outside the MCG. I sincerely hope cricket returns to Pakistan permanently and can’t help but admire the Zimbabweans for their brave effort! Well done to all responsible.


It’s a brave decision by Cricket Zimbabwe. . . We Pakistanis are indebted to you. . . This is written in our hearts. . .


Salute to the Zimbabwe team. They are definitely doing a favour to Pak cricket. I think PCB should acknowledge Zim support by arranging a full Test and one day series in Zimbabwe as well. Zim cricket also requires support and need to play quality opposition regularly.

Masood Rafi

We as Pakistanis thank Zimbabwe for helping us in times of isolation. Let’s hope (our) country moves towards stability and we see more of this happening. Respect for ZC. Thank you Team Zimbabwe for being so supportive. This will remain unforgotten for years.


First of all, ” HATS OFF TO YOU MR. BVUTE AND THE TEAM ZIMBABWE” and the quotation “No one can ever guarantee your security anywhere in the world” is so true. Mr. Bvute used the words “Brother” and “brotherly” so many times which shows that his and his team’s sincere intentions for the current tour. May this tour go peacefully as planned. I believe PCB should mark Zimbabwe also in its good book besides Sri Lanka who have stepped forward and shown that “A Friend in need is a friend indeed” Good Luck.

Ashwin Kumar

I would term Zimbabwe’s act as brave but not sensible . I am definitely not against Pakistan or anything . Just that sport takes a back-seat to political stability.

Waqas Noor

Respect to ZC and welcome to Pakistan.


I have never commented on CricInfo,but the act by ZC made me write my first post. I whole wholeheartedly appreciate and thanks the ZC board, players, and management for their brave and courageous act to help the people of Pakistan and their cricket in this crisis. We people of Pakistan will never forget this favour which you guys have shown in our difficult time. Salute to ZC.

Shoaib Khan

Excellent words. . . We as Pakistani fans will support Zimbabwe forever from now on. . . They will be our second home nation after Pakistan wherever they play. We love you Zimbabwe


Excellent words – brothers in arms! ZC will progress and its players will get good money if they build good relationships with the PCB. Also don’t forget that the Pakistan Super League is just around the corner, so rest assured many of ZC players will get good contracts, unlike the IPL which didn’t have a single ZC player apart from Brendan Taylor who now plays for an English county.


Nice talk. . .really impressive. . . best of luck team Zim.


Respect to Zimbabwe. We will never forget your coming over despite security concerns. You will have a great time and get great hospitality.


What is going on in Pakistan is what only a nation like Zim can understand. While the others only had the media reports to base their judgments on, Zim know first-hand how different ground and reality can be from media reports. Respect to the Zim Board.

Source : The Herald