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CONGOLESE chanter extraordinaire Jonas Kasamba seems to be experiencing a rejuvenated music career after joining a gospel group called Xtreme Afrique Gospel Choir.

Xtreme Afrique is managed by Lyton Ngolomi, who is married to gospel diva Bethany Pasinawako, who stormed the gospel music industry with a scorcher, “Ndizverei”, in 2006.

Bethany is also a member of the creative 20-member gospel outfit.

On Sunday, Kasamba and Gomba pitched up together with Xtreme Afrique for a performance at Glad Tidings Fellowship in Dzivarasekwa.

When Ngolomi announced that the duo was now part of the outfit “after turning to God”, there was applause from congregants.

And clad in a cream waist-coat, white shirt and green and black striped tie, Kasamba immediately got down to business.

He sent the church into a delirium after chanting “Kochekera”.

On the other hand, Gomba showed why he is believed to be one of the best drummers in the country after dishing out a polished act.

The group belted some tracks from their maiden album “Tomuziva ne- Nyasha”.

The album is doing well on Radio Zimbabwe’s Top 20, with one of the songs “Chisikwa”, sitting on number five last Saturday.

In an interview after the performance, Kasamba said he is feeling at home despite being involved with secular music for over a decade.

Kasamba, whose stock in the music industry rose exponentially during his time at Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwavo, joined Xtreme Afrique together with talented drummer Obert Gomba.

The duo and other band members, sensationally dumped Orchestra Mberikwazvo in 2012 to form a splinter group Extra Kwazvose before squabbles arose in the group leading to another split.

Late last year, Kasamba was reportedly mulling packing his bags to go back to his native Democratic Republic of Congo after becoming jobless following the Extra Kwazvose split.

But after his Damascene moment, Kasamba is now singing in praise of God.

He joined the group in December 2014.

“In December 2014 we decided (with Gomba), that we had to work for God. I am not feeling lost because I started my music career in church up to the age 15.

“I was in the Roman Catholic choir and I have remained Catholic, so I am actually at home.

“I did not hesitate to join Xtreme Afrique because the group fuses its music with most beats found in Africa such as sungura and rhumba, so we are trying to spread the word of God through a mixture of music genres.

“God is the creator and we must praise him so that we see his miracles in our lives,” said Kasamba.

A D album for “Tomuziva ne- Nyasha” is expected to be released on March 27.

Once the D has been released, the group plans to do more shows.

At the moment, the group is performing largely in churches and at weddings.

Kasamba said they are currently practising some songs and are planning to release their second album sometime this year.

Xtreme Afrique is also looking forward to staging international shows this year after the success of their show in Canada last year.

Source : The Herald