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The trial of war veteran Cynthia Maadza, who is accused of inciting public violence and theft at Crowhill Farm, has been set for March 9. Maadza (54) is jointly charged with Abraham Shonhiwa (31), Jeffrey Chisvo (42), Fraizer Fodha (36), Samuel Makureya (56) and Rosemary Muzopambwa (50).

The gang allegedly assaulted officials of Crowhill Farm Private Limited Company in a land dispute pitting Cephas Msipa Junior.

The gang is represented by Aocate Tawona Sibanda.

Prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa, alleged that on December 28 last year at around 11am, the gang, acting in common purpose,went to Crowhill Farm in Borrowdale.

Their intention, it is alleged, was to solve a land dispute involving Maadza and Crowhill Farm Private Limited Company.

It is alleged that upon arrival at the farm, the gang confronted the complainants who were working at the place.

They allegedly accused them of having illegally demolished Maadza’s house. The gang allegedly became violent and assaulted the complainants all over their bodies using logs and hose-pipes.

The brawl lasted for two hours, leaving complainants seriously injured.

It is alleged that the gang stole $5 600 cash and three mobile phones from Msipa.

They also stole $2 400 cash and a mobile phone from Felix Pambukani, it is alleged.

However, Maadza was ordered by High Court Judge Esther Muremba, to vacate Crowhill Farm early last month.

Source : The Herald