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Veteran novelist and playwright Aaron Chiundura Moyo’s passion to tackle burning issues of the day has kept him in the literature industry for many years. The author, who has several books and plays that have bagged several awards, said despite being affected by piracy he would continue following his writing passion.

According to him, they used to enjoy the fruits of their sweat after publishers sold thousands of copies at the end of a year.

That alone kept writers motivated and some would even write more than one book in a year.

The Herald Entertainment caught up with the author of books such as “Uchandifungawo”, “Wandibaya Panyamanhete” and “Wakandicheka Nerakagomara” that have made him a household name in the literature industry.

Chiundura Moyo said the literature industry cannot be the same as it was heavy affected by piracy.

The talented writer said it was disheartening that books are photocopied and sold on the streets.

“If you go into a bookshop you can hardly get a book but they are everywhere in the streets making it difficult for some writers who use their own money for the production of the book,” said Chiundura Moyo.

He said it is now easy to write sponsored plays and books than to start your own work with personal resources.

“Literature is now dead not because we don’t have good writers but because of piracy. It’s not only in music but it has killed our literature,” he said.

Chiundura Moyo said there was need for publishers to team up with authorities to fight piracy.

“What makes the situation pathetic is that you see the photocopied books on the streets and these guys shamelessly display them. The best move is for the publishers to engage authorities so that they can fight this evil,” he said.

He said gone are the days when they enjoyed the fruits of their sweat.

“Fame in earned by hard work like what most authors have done in Zimbabwe but now these pirates are feeding on our efforts,” he said.

Chiundura Moyo’s last published work was “Kereke Inofa”, a play done in 2012.

He said he is considering having another book published this year.

“If you contact me after two weeks, I will be able to tell if I will have another book published this year. I will revisit my library,” he said.

Some of the works that have earned the author fame and respect in the industry are “Uchandifungawo” (novel, 1975, Mambo Press), “Ziva Kwawakabva” (novel, 1976, Longman), “Nhamo Ine Nharo” (novel, 1978, Rhodesia Literature Bureau), “Wakandicheka Nerakagomara” (novel, 1982, Mambo Press) and “Chenga Ose” (play, 1982, Mambo Press). He also did “Kuridza Ngoma Nedemo” (play, 1983, ZPH), “Matekenyapfungwa” (quiz book, 1984, Books for Africa), “Nguwo Dzouswa” (novel, 1985, Mambo Press), “Yaive Hondo” (novel, 1985, Mambo Press) and “Wandibaya Panyama Nhete” (play, 1986, Longman)”

Also on the list are publications “Ndabvazera” (novel, 1992, Mercury Press), “Chemera Mudundundu” (novel, 2002, Priority Publishing), “Pane Nyaya” (play, 2004, Priority Publishing), “The Other Side of The River” (short story collection, 2012, Lion Press) and Kereke Inofa (play, 2012, Book Love).

Source : The Herald