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OUR top story last week drew readers’ attention to an absurd request for housing stands from lawmakers across the political divide. The legislators gly feel that government owes them a big favour, and should assist them in acquiring residential stands for unexplained reasons.

Our assessment of the current crop of Members of Parliament and Senators is that none among them does not own a house. A good number of them are already multiple property owners with houses across the width and breadth of this country.

It is safe to conclude therefore that the request is not being driven by need but unbridled greed. Worse still, their performance thus far leaves a lot to be desired, which makes the whole bunch undeserving of the favour.

If anything, it is the people they purport to represent who must be assisted to have something they can call home.

Over the years, no attention has been given to the country’s growing housing waiting list. Because, no one is bothered by it, thousands of people who voted these selfish legislators into Parliament are losing their hard-earned cash to con artists who are masquerading as housing developers.

Money is also being lost to illegal housing cooperatives that are rolling out schemes which are essentially conduits for the untouchables to line up their pockets.

Ironically, these dubious schemes have the blessings of politicians, some of them lawmakers, who are corruptly benefiting from their proceeds.

That they themselves are not buying into these schemes is both callous and telling. Such is the selfishness of politicians: What matters to them is their individual interests and not those of the people they claim to represent.

With general elections inescapable in 2018, we are beginning to see those in positions of authority stampeding to make a killing from public resources as a form of self-insurance against any eventuality.

The dog-eat-dog affair in the fractured ZANU-PF and in the other political formations, among them Morgan Tsvangirai’s moribund Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), is not making things any better.

So far 23 MPs and Senators have been recalled by both political formations for “supping with the devil”. More heads are on the line.

Because one does not necessarily need to produce empirical evidence to nail those they don’t agree with, especially in ZANU-PF, nearly every legislator is now surviving by the grace of God.

In the wake of the uncertainty, public office bearers are preparing safe landing zones by laying their hands on anything they come across.

This cancer has spread across the country’s body politic and other arms of the State to levels that qualify to be declared a national crisis.

At the rate at which the country’s resources are being looted left, right and centre, future generations are in for serious trouble because they are likely to inherit a shell of a country, encumbered by massive debts.

Is this what our distinguished fighters of the liberation struggle fought for? Is that what some of our unfortunate gallant sons and daughters died for?

Perish the thought.

Source : Financial Gazette