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CSC Marondera is so poor that guards have resorted to using catapults to protect the company’s assets, an internal report has revealed.

A management report said it became clear that the security at the branch was compromised when hundreds of workers recently attempted to seize equipment and motor vehicles over non-payment of salaries.

The Deputy Sherriff who attempted to seize the company’s property on behalf of the disgruntled workers ended up being blocked by armed State security agents.

“The security of assets is compromised by inadequately armed and aged personnel armed with catapults, sticks and stones. Their physical ability to pursue and neutralise any threat to the branch’s assets was doubtful,” the management said in the report.

The report said there was no banking being undertaken at the Marondera branch as it was operating from hand to mouth and used all the money collected before banking.

“The configuration of the branch has since been out of sync with the recommended modern business structure, which increases flexibility and responsiveness to changes in the business environment. The continued running of the branch exacerbates the precarious financial position,” the report says.

For the past four years, CSC workers across the country have been receiving a paltry US$50 a month and are now owed millions of dollars in unpaid salaries and allowances.

The CSC was once one the most vibrant companies, exporting top quality beef to other countries especially to the European Union before the land reform programme that saw its demise.

CSC is one of the many parastatals that have failed to pay their employees on time for many years. The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) and the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) are also some of the chief culprits in the trend which is set to continue for many years as the economy continues to be on a downward spiral.

Source : New Zimbabwe